AgriShift L.E.D. Lights by Once Innovations Inc.

Through research and development, Once Innovations has developed Energy Efficient Lighting designed specifically for the Poultry Industry.  For the Poultry in their environment!  Follow the links below to learn about the benefits of LED lights and how they can improve the health of your flock and your pocket book.


Poultry Lighting
Learn more about the science behind lighting systems

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AgriShift PL
Designed for General Lighting.
Options Include:
Standard Base for easy retrofit, Hard Wired for Water Proof or Conduit for Rigid Mount

90 Degree Reflector for Installation Height above 12 feet
120 Degree Reflector for 8 to 12 feet
160 Degree Reflector for below 8 feet (shown in picture to left)

Dim to bluish Hue for Broilers & Turkeys
Dim to Reddesh Hue for Breeders & Layers

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AgriShift EL
Designed for Cage Lighting for Layers and Breeders (Dim to Reddish Hue)
Uses standard Conduit Piping System

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AgriShift FL
Promotes feeding activity at control pans to achieve consistent feed distribution

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Understanding L.E.D.s
More technical details on how these things work!

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We also carry a complete line of other LED products. Follow this Link to see what else we have.